Danny Vumbi – Ni Danger (Rwanda)

Danny Vumbi - Ni Danger

Danny Vumbi reunites young and old and got the whole country dancing as a result: ‘Ni Danger’ is one of the most popular songs in Rwanda right now. The singer-songwriter feels some youth act disrespectful towards the elder generation and abandon their culture through constantly using slang terms instead of Kinyarwanda language. That is why he came up with a song that tells the story of the elder generation that is seriously pissed about some shameless youth. And now that the elders are getting angry they really feel „in danger“ … 


When Danny Vumbi, born Daniel Semivumbi is not doing his music he presents a daily radio show: “Ubibona ute?” on Radio Authentic in Kigali. Tune in from Monday to Friday morning, from 08:45 to 10:30: http://radioauthentic.com/



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