Queen Darleen feat. Rayvanny – Kijuso (Tanzania)

Queen Darleen feat. Rayvanny – Kijuso

Queen Darleen is the big sister of Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz. She is known a musician even before her brother became the countries most loved singer. With her self-ironic song “Kijuso”, Swahili for “to pull a face”,  she speaks for the ladies, that are looking to date a man, who has his assets in gear.

The video starts with Tanzania’s Bongo Flava artist Rayvanny bragging to his friends, that this “queen”, a friend of him has seen with a guy in a big mercedes at Masaki beach in Dar es Salaam, is not dating that guy, but is HIS new girlfriend. To prove it to his friends, he gives her a call, but when she picks up, she is lying in another man’s arm, on a yacht, cruising in the Indian Ocean and doesn’t even remember his name.

When the song kicks in, Rayvanny addresses his anger towards “the queen: She has nothing but make-up and tissues in her handbag to attracted rich men. She is not even interested in finding a job and work hard to earn money like Rayvanny. And as his chances are fading of changing this situation, he results: “Afazali hata nyani, sio wewe mwanamke”, which translates into “even a monkey is better than that women.” In the end all they have for each other is a wry face – “Kijuso”.

Queen Darleen feat. Rayvanny – Kijuso (Tanzania)


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