Daara J Family – Baag (Senegal)

Faada Freddy not just has an amazing voice he is also an excellent beat maker. Together with senegalese Rapper Ndongo D he forms Daara J Family one of Senegals most successful HipHop crews. ‚Baag’ is the first single of their upcoming new album „Foundation“.

Daara J Baag2.2

The song refers to the Wolof proverb “Ku yágg ci téen Baag fékk lafa“. It says only those who will be patient waiting at the well to draw water, will return with a bucket full of it. It means that life is a struggle and only those who are willing to continue to fight will survive.

Daara J Baag1

The dance-moves are pretty simple: You just pull that bucket to the top of the well.

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Daara J Baag


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