Gasmilla ft Capasta – Telemo (Ghana)


Gasmilla‘s latest song „Telemo“ is currently Ghana’s unofficial national anthem. It talks about the chances and risks of social media. Gasmilla tells the story of a boy that explains to his father, in this case rapper Gasmilla that he fell in love with a girl on Facebook and how easy is nowadays to connect with women online. His father remains skeptical on how long these relationships will last, still being visibly astonished when a gorgeous lady moves into his house to stay with his son. Though everything comes at a price as his son soon finds out. At the market everything she buys he got to pay and carry on his head. Still she makes him look ridiculous to his friends.


While he brags about being the boss at home, she appears holding her panties in her hand, asking him if it was his mother that told him how to wash lingerie. In this scene you can already witness how featuring guest, rapper Capasta, one of his friends, looks her when she comes to give him a lesson. So by no big surprise when he comes home one day he catches the two in his bed together.

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Telemo’s message is simple: ‘Everybody has to carry his own burden’. Even though its easy to connect with new people online, the task to remain a good relationship might be twice as hard. The success of his song explains why it is extra cool right now Ghana to carry something on your head . It even has kickstarted a small online meme. Under the Hashtag #Telemo Ghanians posting on Facebook pictures of them holding equipment they need for their work on top of their head.

Gasmilla ft Capasta – Telemo (Ghana)



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