Swart Baster – Nilyeko (Namibia)


Stuck in traffic in Windhoek? Possibly Swart Baster is in front of you and doesn’t care about the traffic light, as he got attracted by a pretty woman in a car next to him. And he is trying to pick her up.

Swart Baster

In the video to ‘Nilyeko‘, Swart Baster takes you on a BMW ride on the roads of Windhoek in Namibia, which are in good condition and could be anywhere in Europe or America. On the first traffic light he stops, looking to his right where he discovers a pretty women in a cabriolet. He starts talking to her and even steps out his car visibly astonished she understands his language, Gciriku, from the north of Namibia (close to the Angolan border, around the area of the town of Rengu, where he is from). As a teenager he moved to Swakopmund, a town at the ocean 200Km in the west of Windhoek. That is where he gained his name. He was hanging out a lot with his friends that were of parents with Namibian and african/dutch origin, who are locally called baster, the Afrikaans term for bastard (not offensive). As his roots where strictly from Namibia, he started to call himself Swart (black) Baster. During this time he made himself a name for his own style of music, he coined ‘chimbuetu’, a mix of namflava influenced by congolese soukous. Recently he bumped into the production duo Ogopa DJs from Kenya. Two brothers who are notoriously known for their commitment to Kapuka and dancehall music in Nairobi. Few years back they opened a branch in Windhoek, called Ogopa Butterfly. They rebranded Swart Baster‘s music, shot his videoclip and started calling him „the king of house“ in Namibia.

Swart Baster1

That’s how Swart Baster got into a car talking to this lady with a lollipop while they are blocking the road. People behind them go mad, so at some point, the lady drives away without passing him her number – Nice try!



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