Sarkodie – The masses (Ghana)


Sarkodie speaks out against corruption and power cuts in Ghana and sets an example of his stardom in New York. On 8th of August Sarkodie sold out the prestigious Apollo Theatre in Harlem. A magical place for black music in America. Soul singers like Marvin Gaye and James Brown performed here, as well as a young Michel Jackson.Other urban West African stars such as Shatta Wale, EL, Kwaw Kese, Banky W., The Composers, Bisa Kdei and John Dumelo, came to support Ghana’s brightest star. Still it was mainly the Ghanaian diaspora that came to the event. Most americans didn’t take notice of the event that made Sarkodie achieve immortality in Ghana.

Sarkodie – SarkNation (8. August 2015 live at Apollo Theatre  / New York)

Earlier this year Sarkodie put out his 2nd song about corruption, dum-sor (“On-Off”), the popular Ghanaian term for blackouts, addressed to Ghanas politicians. One side effect of Ghana’s ongoing power crisis is that the number of armed robberies in the dark is increasing. When it comes to the status quo of corruption in Ghana right now Sarkodie says „The country is facing a crisis and I have a loud mouth to talk about it. When I released the song everybody was shaking, media-men are talking about it and I was referring to the previous leaders that came, from Kofuor, to Atta Mills to now Mahama. And I was saying I don’t see the difference, it’s still like keep corrupting, one afther the other.“ One example is the case of Ruby Adu-Gyamfi that made headlines all across Ghana last year. A women traveled to London with 12 kg of cocaine in her hand luggage. When the customs officers wanted to open her bag, she allegedly showed a passport with the family name of Ghana’s president, Ruby Mahama, triggering a debate in Ghana, how she was able to obtain a diplomatic passport:

Sarkodie uses the instrumental of Dr.Dre’s ‘The watcher’, to speak his mind. Here are some of the verses translated to english „May god give me the heart to say it respectfully, so that they do not send people to shoot me at dawn; just this dawn, Dumsor has led to the burning of somebody’s bedroom house. You people have generators in houses. If you see us stupid, we have heard you. You people continue to send your children abroad while we keep on remaining in villages. The fool will definitely be wise one day; When you enter Kotoka airport, don’t you feel the place is unhygienic? So don’t you see Ghanaian roads are bad? Then it is up to you. Because of greediness, the nation’s interest is always at last. We have shortage of gas, shortage of electricity, shortage of gas; So you want us to vote for you, so that you can blow dust into our eyes with your car? You have killed us for far too long, enough! Do not come and trouble our wounds. If you have no help to offer to the sick, do not cause harm to our medication.“

Sarkodie – The masses


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